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Kulturama conveys knowledge and science to mankind in a comprehensive manner.

The museum documents, explains and illustrates the evolution of animals and men, the biology of men and aspects of the cultural history from the civilization of mankind.

It combines natural science with cultural history and offers its visitors two fascinating journeys through time: the first one leads you through 3.5 billion years of history of the evolution of life. The second guides you through the life of man from procreation to death. The comparative anatomy with real skeletons of animals and men illustrates the link between the prehistoric times and the present. Kulturama showcases an impressive collection of anatomical specimens, fossils and models.

The «Discovery Trail», with its several interactive stations, permits you to experience the body structure of man and animals as well as evolution from prehistoric times using all your senses.

The permanent exhibition in the adjacent building, which was opened in 2014 and titled «Wie wir lernen», How We Learn, illustrates scientific perceptions as well as amazing and stimulating concepts in the process of learning.





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