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Private Guided tours

Kulturama offers groups and school classes professional guided tours in the special exhibition or in the permanent collections’ facilities. These offers can be completed with adjacent Apéro.



Guided tour:                                    CHF 180  + entrance fee
Workshop:                                       CHF 200  + entrance fee
Guided tour and workshop
outside of regular opening hours:   CHF 300  + entrance fee
Mondays:                                         CHF 360 + entrance fee

Our fees and reservation conditions are listed here.


We offer all our guided tours and workshops in English. Please find below a selection. For any other topic or individual wishes please contact our museum’s pedagogical team: phone 044 260 60 44 or e-mail. 


Time travel to prehistoric times

Discover the fascination of life of the first animals and plants on our planet. Through a time line  you can see the evolution of life with many real fossils and detailed reconstructions thereof.


Time travel of mankind
Through original specimens and special exhibits you can see human life and its evolution. The comparative anatomy with real skeletons of animals and man details the connecting link between prehistoric times and today.


Special Exhibitions
Interesting guided tours and workshops are repeatedly planned on different scientific and cultural-historical topics.


«Highlight» Guided Tour
Special exhibits of the permanent exhibitions and background information on them are highlighted in these guided tours.


«Wie wir lernen» (How We Learn)
We learn continously through our lifetime: intentionally or accidentally, through models, mistakes or through practice. But how does learning really work?



We encourage you to invite your special guests to the Kulturama and trust that you will enjoy an exquisite time there. Our museum’s pedagogical team will gladly guide you through the temporary and the permanent exhibitions. At the end, the participants can relish any of our special apéros, lunches and/or dinners. We will be happy to assist you in the organisational planning of such an event to ensure that your selection will be an unforgettable occasion for those guests present.

If you have any individual idea on the planning of your own event in our facilities, we can send you a special offer or you can choose from the available proposals: Apéro-Variations.

It is our pleasure to be at your disposal for the planning and the organisation of your event.


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