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Bad breath or parfum? An odour can repell or attract, retrieve memories or frighten, lift our spirits or make us miserable.

Olfaction is a fascinating sense, though rather complex and undefined. We are constantly surrounded by scents and smells – but how do we describe them?

Our special exhibition «Schnuppernase» allows you to test your sense of smell and discover the history of the scent. It also reveals the function of human and animal noses, how smells occur and which ones are used for producing parfums. Olfactory games and puzzles open up the fascinating world of odours.

Why do we smell? What scents do we feel attracted to? What stinks? Take a sniff!

«Schnuppernase» is debuting in the German part of Switzerland.





We are always learning during our lifespan: intentionally or accidentally, through models, mistakes or through practice. But how does learning really work?

What happens in our brain? Which devices and techniques help us while learning and how can we maintain our ability to learn as we grow older?

Neurological, psychological and pedagogical results are explained through brain specimen of humans and animals, models, films, tests and games. Visitors realize that they know more than they think and that they learn unintentionally.


This exhibition is open every Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 5 pm.



Walherz 500x


The evolution of life on our planet can be traced from the origins of 3.5 billion years ago since the first European writing cultures.

Many fossils narrate the evolution of plants, animals and humans. Accurate reconstructions of prehistoric men make it possible for us to practically look into their eyes.





The human life and its development from conception until death are shown through original specimens. The comparative anatomy shown through many skeletons of man and animal allows visitors to draw parallels and differences. There are many peculiarities to discover: Sherlock Bones is here to help in teaching about bones, as well as the legendary Egyptian mummy which raises many questions. 




erlebnispfad_04.jpgDISCOVERY TRAIL

The focus at the Discovery Trail is on touching, combining and amazement. You learn and deepen your knowledge about evolution, prehistoric times and human biology through experiments, riddles and games.

The brain of a dinosaur can be analysed, bones can be touched, stone tools can be examined and skeletons of vertebrates compared. On our own body we can observe how the heart works, how the joints function or how tricky our eyesight can be. 

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