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Kulturama was founded in 1978 by Paul Muggler as one of the first museums on evolution worldwide. His works «Panoramen der kulturgeschichtlichen Entwicklung» (panoramic views on the cultural-historical development) and his exhibitions, which were shown all over Switzerland, provided a basis for the new museum. Paul Muggler founded in 1987 the non-profit Kulturama Foundation under the supervision of the Canton of Zürich and donated his extensive private collection to the museum.

Paul Muggler was a pioneer in the Swiss museum’s educational pedagogics and he inspired a countless number of visitors of all ages with his exhibitions, guided tours and lectures. He also organised over 800 paleontological excursions in Switzerland and Europe and familiarised them closer with the prehistoric times and the evolution of life. In 1996 he handed over the management of the museum to his successor Claudia Ruetsche.


The Kulturama, leading in the museum’s pedagogic field, is one of the most active museums in Switzerland, especially with a view to the educational services it performs. It is co-financed by the School- and Sport-Department of the City of Zurich as well as the Educational Department of the Kanton of Zurich. Furthermore, the museum needs the additional revenues derived from entrance tickets, guided tours, special events and the museum’s shop as well as donations and sponsoring contributions. Donations are highly appreciated and – as a foundation with a non-profit status – all financial bequests are not subject to taxation. 










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